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Flaherty's Fish Farm has been in the fish business for 30 plus years.

We began in East Texas under the watchful eye of the Howe brothers, pioneers in the East Texas aquaculture industry. We started out stocking ponds , and selling bait fish , with food fish as a by product. We continue to do so today. We do things the old fashioned way.  We  still remember all the lessons learned from the old timers, who taught us the right way, and have long since passed. We are very well known for having the best fish available, hands down.

We also do pond and lake consulting, management and weed control options..

Donal does all his own deliveries to ensure good quality from our ponds to yours. We got caught up in the mad dash…to stock every pound in the south, in 3 months Donal was in a near death accident causing us to rethink, restructure, recover, and thankfully we are blessed to be back on the farm full time. Back to our roots, one customer at a time. The way it all began over 30 years ago.

We are also growers, buyers, and brokers of a wide variety of farm products, under our  HIDDEN ORCHARD label.. a line of small batch, jam, jellies, preserves, butters, syrup, and cooking sauce, hand made and poured. As well as fruits,vegetables, plants and trees. We have acres of berries, and over 100 fruit trees. If we don’t have it, we may know someone who does. The farm also offers a limited number of private fishing and hunting options, including some excellent duck hunting opportunities  at our discretion.

The farm is owned and operated by Donal and Jeanie Flaherty. Donal has over 30 yrs farming, with Jeanie over 30 yrs as a front line respiratory care practitioner. This gives us a unique perspective on, life, business and what’s important.

Inventory changes fast so call and see what’s going on this week. Let us know ahead of time and we will be glad to help if we can. Not all products or services are available at all times due to seasonal changes.

Donal & Jeanie

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