Flaherty's Fish Farm

Over 30 Long Years Of Fish Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Flaherty’s Fish Farm has been in the fish business for 30 plus years. We began in East Texas under the watchful eye of the Howe brothers, pioneers in the East Texas aquaculture industry.

Flaherty’s Fish Farm started out stocking ponds , and selling baitfish , with food fish as a by product, and we continue to do so today. We still do things the old fashioned way. We remember all the lessons learned from the old timers, who taught us the right way, and have long since passed.

We are very well known for having the best fish available, hands down!

Services We Offer

Flaherty's Fish Farm

Thinking of building a new lake or pond, or reviving and improving an existing one? Put 30+ years’ innovative experience to work!

Flaherty's Fish Farm

We are also growers, buyers, and brokers of a wide variety of farm products, under our own label.

Flaherty's Fish Farm

Some of the best options, including some excellent duck hunting opportunities. Contact us for options we can offer you.

Need Help with Easier Fish Solutions? We Are Experts!

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